About ❤

AMARTE is a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain. It was formally known as Moderno pool on the ITN and HTN. I created this pool to support Cardano’s mission of a trusted robust decentralized platform to empower individuals and enable a force for positive change and progress. I have been interested in the project since its public released in 2017. Cardano created an opportunity for me to be a service provider and add value to a community that supports the vision of adoption of decentralized systems. I am an IT system administrator based in New York City.

Stake with AMARTE with ticker AMAR and earn rewards for your support. Variable pool fee is 2% with a fixed fee of 340 ADA per epoch to cover labor and infrastructure cost. These fees are subject to change as the network grows but will be kept as economically viable as possible and to provide optimum value to stake delegators.

I am an individual operator and a supporter. I fully commit to keep this pool running at an optimum performance. Let’s spread love and participate in a rare opportunity to make an impact to a constantly evolving ecosystem.